Imagine you are taking a hot shower after a long day and after getting in the tub for a nice hot shower, you got sprinkled on by cold shards of icy water. The only reason for this would be your water heater not working properly, or worse, not working at all. Water heaters are usually taken for granted and not inspected even maintained. That’s why eventually you’ll need to contact a Water Heater Repair Service once you experience the very cold revenge of a broken water heater. 

Here are some of the reasons why the heater at your home will not work or function at all: 


  1. Heating Element has Problems 

A faulty heating element is one of the most common major sources of an electric water heater breaks down. Water Heater Repair Calgary Services can assist with the replacement of this water heater element.  

     2.Thermostat not working 

A faulty thermostat as well can be a reason why your water is not heating up. The thermostat controls the heating element, and if it doesn’t work then you’ll need to get the thermostat replaced as well.  

      3. Tripped Circuit Breaker/Reset Button 

If your current circuit breaker box has been tripped or it has been doing this a couple of times then there may be an issue with your reset button. You will likely need to repair or replace the component used. 

      4. Water Leakage 

Water Leakage is reflected as the problem when the water turns out like a dripping type of leak. The connections of the water can be tightened up but if that doesn’t work then you’ll have to replace the connection. If the tank is the one leaking then you need to replace the water heater 

      5. Weak or Undersized Breaker 

A weak or undersized breaker is most common in older houses. The amperage of the device might not be enough for the power requirement of the Electric Water Heater. This is not usual though but if you recently replaced your water heater with a new model, then that might be the reason why it’s requiring more amperage. 


With these factors in mind you can distinguish why your water heater is not working and have a professional technician have a look at it for you. In Calgary, there are a lot of people calling in service repair for their water heaters especially when winter is about to come up and they don’t have hot water at home to warm them up after being out in the icy snow. It’s a good thing that there are readily available services in the area that can fix your problems with your water heater easily.  

Calgary Furnace and AC Repair not only cater for your furnace and Air Conditioning needs, you can also avail their water heater repair service. They provide various tasks for your water heater alone such as water heater repair, replacement and even maintenance. 


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